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ALL Prices for Counted Pods are Hand-Sorted Superior Quality.
You do NOT get anything broken or crushed! We Guarantee Each and Every Hand-Picked Pod and Cone we Count!

You can also buy some of our Pods in Bulk {Unsorted} - By the Cup, Pound or Gallon Bag.

** Yes, it may look like we are always Sold Out **

Since our products are of such High Quality, and we offer Great Prices,  the demand for our Pinecones, Pods and Acorns gets larger every year!

Most of our Loyal Clients and Designers Pre-order every year. We always fill those Pre-orders first.
Whatever is left over for each season, are posted as available on our website.

FYI: Our "Partner" is Mother Nature and that makes us subject to weather conditions. Some items may not be available for the season. Don't hesitate to Ask Us!

Sweetgum Balls Sweetgum Pods for Crafting

Sweetgum Balls - Pods

Sweetgum Balls, Sweetgum Pods, Spiked Gumballs. Whatever you call them, we got 'em.
1" to 1-1/2" Round balls with spikes. Dark Brown. Excellent for Wreaths & Swags.
Create Sweetgum Ornaments and Trees!!

100 for $6.00 | 500 for $30.00


Mahogany Pods at Pinecones & Podz

Mahogany Pods

Long Cream Pods with 5 raised ribs.  Natural dotted design on the tip!
3" to 4" long by 1" to 1" wide

These are wonderfully interesting!  Only a few left!
5 for $3.00 | 10 for $6.00

Ring Pods for Craft Projects & Potpourri

Natural Ring Pods

1" Curls. Spiral Ring Bean Pods Imported from India.  These are really unique!
Adds a Very Unique Touch to Potpourri & Wreaths!
Also used a lot in crafting for different Animal "parts".

100 for $3.00  |  Wholesale Bulk $5.25 per pound

Twistie Twisty Pods ~ Twisty Screw Bean Pods

Twistie Pods / Twisty Screw Pods

Pods with a Twist ~ Hard Olive Green Spiral Pods.  1 to 2" Long.  Looks like a birthday candle or Unicorn Horn. Adds interest to Wreaths & Potpourri.

Hand-Sorted Counted:  You'll only get WHOLE pods. No bits or shredded ones!   100 for $2.50

Catalpa Pods at

Catalpa Pods


Long, narrow dark brown pods. Shiny golden inside. 9" to 18" pod.
We split and de-seed the pods. Each half counts as 1. For whole pods, you'll need to pre-order.

Harvest in the late Fall - Only a few left!

25 for 2.50 | 50 for $5.00