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Cedar Roses - Deodor Cedar Rose Cones -

Cedar Roses { Deodar Cedar Rose Cones }

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Looks like a Beautiful "Wooden Rose" Cone. Awesome Looking.

These "Cedar Rose" { Cedrus Deodara } cones are actually the tops of the Deodar Cedar pinecones!
Deodar Cedar Cones are also known as Himalayan cedar.

Each cone is actually 3 to 4" long and 2 to 3" in diameter and shaped like a barrel.

As they make their decent to the ground, they naturally break apart.
Deodar means Timber of the Gods.


Small ~ 1 to 1" ~ 50 for $5.50 | 100 for $11.00
Regular ~ 1"-2" ~ 50 for $7.50 | 100 for $15.00 x

Bulk "Leftover" - B to C grade Cedar Roses by the Pound ~ "-1" ~  $4.35/lb.

Eastern White Cedar Cones - PPZ

Eastern White Cedar Cones

Also known as
Northern White Cedar
and Eastern Arborvitae


Light to Medium Brown Cones

$2.00 per Bulk Cup

Port Orford Cedar Cones

Also known as
Lawson's Cypress

3/8" Round
Reddish-Brown Cones

100 for $3.75

Port Orford Cedar Cones - PPZ